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        Constant self-improvement
        HUACHAUNG adheres to high quality, efficient service, create the first-class engineering quality; With sincere service attitude, casting a first-class installation team.
        Accurate project delivery
        With first-class engineering quality, reasonable price, professional technical support, customer feedback quickly, accurate delivery to provide clients with the most reasonable engineering solutions.
        Quick customer feedback
        Committed to people-oriented concept, create high-quality goods service team, set up enterprise culture characteristic; Science and technology innovation, make excellent engineering quality.
        Professional technical support
        Adhering to the principle of innovation, pragmatic, harmony and win-win, keep the enterprising spirit, with scientific management, elaborate construction of sense of responsibility, to build a boutique model project after another.
        ? Design solutions
        Advanced design philosophy to provide clients with high quality solutions
        Company has a professional design team, undertakes various industries such as residential quarters, schools, hospitals, urban commercial complex, production factory, administrative office complex, intelligent, fire control, cable television, communications and other design business. Designer based on national and local norms, the system overall planning, reasonable configuration, the design concept of advance appropriately for customers to provide quality solutions.

        ? Design consultation
        The whole process of offering free consulting services
        Senior designers plan and design for you in the project , project design, construction drawing design, the administrative authorities to submit for approval, bidding, construction, completion inspection and acceptance of the entire process to provide free advisory services; My company provide free design and program design, welcome to call to inquire: Mr Roh 0574-87569860

        company makes all and long-term efforts in the field of engineering business, accumulated a wealth of experience. Precision through the real-time market inquiry, cost analysis, business offer for project accurately. Intelligent business quotation covering, fire protection, electric power, street lamps, such as installation of various professional, business offer object covers real estate projects, the government public project, government procurement projects, etc.

        Business quote service hotline:0574-87918820


        To improve the price competitive advantage, company has established specialized product market research, implemented and carried out three kinds of price, five in cost management, the materials, equipment suppliers, and establish and improve the market price of the database at the same time, increased the project before and after the winning bid, before, after the signing of purchase price for each node of the, by gathering information, conducting research, real-time analysis, strictly control the cost, to ensure occupy a high quality and low cost in the market competition of significant price advantage.

        Company committed to the development of unified procurement platform, namely, branches, offices, unified procurement, cooperation unit from a larger extent, reduce the purchasing cost, enhance the market competitive advantage, improve project profit, efforts to achieve cooperative unit, office on the premise of without any management fee to increase profits and achieve the goal of mutual benefit, long-term cooperation.

        Complaints handling
        The company's foreign comprehensive services including service attitude, service response time, construction quality, etc. By customer service record the complainant of the unit, name, complaints, investigating complaints content, verify, and record in the file. Led by the director in charge of complaint handling, ensure that users receive treatment and reasonable reply quickly, and the results tell the user.
        After-sales service sites
        To ensure the good running of this system, with excellent service attitude, convenient and fast way, received a failure notification must be sent immediately (within half an hour response, 2 hours to the scene), the general problems in four hours, major issues within 24 hours to repair or replace the standby equipment; The company service hotline: 0574-87918819
        Engineering service system
        The company will be in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard for on-site construction management and engineering after-sales service. The company set up a special engineering project department, they will, after project completion acceptance by comprehensive service this project after-sales service stage of the technical support and maintenance of system security.
        Cooperation Contact
        華創客服 合作加盟
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